Justin Timberlake is allegedly thinking of doing a full Oprah interview in response to mounting public criticism  

There are a ton of speculations circulating in the entertainment industry that actor and singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake is thinking of doing a private, honest interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

In the middle of the current controversy surrounding his past relationship with Britney Spears, speculation and excitement around Timberlake's potential decision to come clean on Winfrey's influential platform have been rampant. 

The ongoing narrative of Justin Timberlake's past relationship with Britney Spears has taken a significant turn due to rumors that he is considering doing a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

Supporters and observers eagerly anticipate Timberlake's next move and the opportunity to hear more about his perspective on the contentious issue, while media outlets speculate about the potential content and implications of such an interview.

As to the sources, Justin Timberlake is thinking of doing an open interview with Oprah Winfrey where he would talk about a variety of subjects pertaining to his personal and professional life, such as his split from Britney Spears.

Due to the renewed interest in Timberlake's prior actions and how they affected Spears, a lot of attention has been paid to the potential interview, and many people are eager to hear his side of the story.

Page Six reported that Timberlake is considering using the interview as an opportunity to "tell his side of the story" amid the controversy surrounding Britney Spears.