Justin Timberlake announces the release of his first solo album since 2018

With the release of his new album this year, Justin Timberlake is making his eagerly anticipated return to the music industry.

 On January 25, the music video for Selfish was released, heralding the release of his first significant solo musical composition since 2018. 

The music video for this song acts as a unique pre-release music festival leading up to the March release of his album Everything I Thought It Was.

The vocalist of Can't Stop the Feeling has released a romantic ballad in a midtempo style. In the video, the 42-year-old entertainer is shown showcasing his slick dancing routines at the song's climactic moment, portraying him as a fully fledged performer once more.

Selfish was co-produced by Justin, Bell, and Cirkut and was written by Timberlake in collaboration with Louis Bell, Amy Allen, Theron Thomas, and Cirkut. Bradley J. Clader directed the music video for the lead song from the (EITIW) album, "Everything I Thought It Was." Dana Wilson and Marty Kudelka provided the choreography.

Even while the Selfish video showcases Justin's beautiful comeback, it also portrays him in a grounded manner.

Reluctantly, the SexyBack singer shows up for rehearsal wearing a white t-shirt. With lines like "I want every bit of you / I guess I'm selfish," the musician immediately delves into a love expression.