Following the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis, Justin Bieber had to postpone his Justice World tour.

The musician spoke to his followers on stage during his performance in Trondeheim, Norway, on Sunday about the meaning and purpose of his Justice album.

Additionally, Justin posted a little speech he gave at the event on his Instagram page

Justin addressed his supporters and discussed racism throughout the speech.

He said, "So when we created the Justice album, we wanted to make an intentional moment. A moment of unity, a moment of acceptance, a moment of belonging. In this world, there’s a lot of division, and what justice is, is for us to all come together."

The singer further continued, "We know that racism is evil. It’s wrong." 

As he continued to tell his audience that they must improve, Justin added, "But you and I, we get to be the difference-makers. We get to be the ones to stand with our brothers and sisters and make a change."

Justin's heartfelt message came after the singer recently returned to the stage following his health scare.

Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber's wife, recently acknowledged their challenging moment and discussed the same in an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

The model said that the couple's previous health concerns had only strengthened their bond as they stood by one another during the terrifying period.