Adele Lim is set to make her directorial debut in “Joy Ride.” 

The film follows Audrey, played by Ashley Park, on a business trip to Asia accompanied by her messy and thirsty friends.

During the premiere of her film at SXSW, Lim had a conversation with Variety in which she talked about various aspects of the movie-making process. 

"I’d been a TV writer-producer for many years before I got into features. I don’t think I had any aspirations of directing."

"But Point Grey who has a history of working with first-time writers/directors asked me if I’d be up for it. The first thing I said was, ‘Yes.’” 

“I have this wonderful community out here of friends and directors, Jon M. Chu, Veena Sud, and so many others."

"My first instinct was that I didn’t know anything about lenses. How do I learn about lenses?"

"The important thing was having a handle on the story."

"We talk about wanting to put forward female-centered narratives and Point Grey was a tremendous ally."