Online streaming is going on for the SavageXFenty performance showcasing Rihanna’s lingerie collection.  

When it was revealed that Johnny Depp will be appearing on the show, fans became interested in it.  

The internet community has now seen Depp’s presence on it, and many were perplexed by his “tree walk.” 

Depp made a brief 40-second appearance on the fashion show, which is now available to watch on Prime Video.  

He strolled through background dancers in a setting that resembled a jungle.  

Even though Depp’s supporters would love to see more of him, many did not enjoy his SavageXFenty appearance. 

Depp once appeared to be moving slowly. He kept staring blankly at the camera. 

In the backdrop, men danced in unison behind him.  

He walked up to the tree and gave it a small hug.  

While Depp’s participation in Rihanna’s fashion presentation was first not well received, his “tree walk” has since become the topic of amusing comments on social media.