A lot of insider details had been announced during the UK and Virginia trial spinning around Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. 

The actor alleged that he lost a lot financially due to the discussion as he faced a boycott by Hollywood and was plunged out of movies like Fantastic Beasts and Pirates Of The Caribbean. 

Now, authorities claim that the report wasn’t precisely true. During the latest libel trial in Virginia, Johnny also argued that he was partly accountable for Amber bagging the Aquaman franchise.  

He noted that there were several roadblocks but he spoke to the bosses at Warner Bros and sorted items out for her.  

But it stays unfortunate that the actress resumes being a part of Jason Momoa starrer while JD was expelled from Fantastic Beasts. 

Johnny Depp’s retired firm, The Management Group announced via Insider that the actor made about $650 million during the years from 1999 to 2016.  

But he also argued losing the funds due to their mismanagement as he admitted in court theretofore.  

But a report by Fandomwire now argues that Johnny Depp might not have revealed what he’s truly worth or there may be cases that he may have overstated his losses due to the debates sparked by Amber Heard. 

The actor made $68million just via Alice In Wonderland. That contains the capital at the beginning along with the profits from the backend.  

Apart from that, Johnny Depp assesses a salary of around $20 million per Pirates Of The Caribbean film.