The trailer for Doctor Who’s special episode, which will mark Jodie Whittaker’s last appearance as the title Time Lord, has been revealed. On October 23,  

On October 23, the episode titled “The Power of the Doctor” will air, marking the 100th anniversary of the BBC. 

She has been the show’s executive producer since 2017, and she will leave the sci-fi series after a feature-length centennial special.  

In July of last year, the actress made it known that she would be quitting the show. Since 2005, none of the Doctor’s three primary foes have appeared in a single narrative until this episode. 

Fans will get to watch her as she tries to figure out who is attacking a bullet train in a far-off galaxy and why 21st-century seismologists are disappearing from Earth. 

The Master’s (Sacha Dhawan) voiceover introduces the one-minute clip and previews the Doctor’s regeneration. “This is the day you are erased forever!” At the beginning of the preview, The Master is heard telling The Doctor. 

The film also reveals that 15 of the most priceless paintings have vanished, along with 12 of the top seismologists in the world, hinting at the huge mystery that will be explored in The Power of Doctor

The character of the Doctor, an alien Time Lord, explores the universe in the TARDIS, a spacecraft that has the ability to traverse both space and time, in the television series Doctor Who. 

The Doctor has been portrayed in the long-running series by thirteen different actors to date. By being chosen as the first female Doctor, Whittaker created history in 2017.