Jisoo engages BLINKS on social media, discussing her upcoming solo debut 

Jisoo expresses enjoyment in spending time with her fans 

Jisoo's solo debut is set to release on March 31, 2023 

Jisoo goes live on the South Korean web platform Weverse, thanking her fans for their patience 

Jisoo credits her fans for helping her get through the anxiety-inducing process of preparing for her solo debut 

Fellow BLACKPINK members show their support for Jisoo's upcoming solo debut 

Jisoo reveals the primary colors chosen for her debut album are black and red

Purple, Jisoo's favorite color, is chosen for the LP version of her album 'Me'

Jisoo shares her recent activities, including exercising and reading 

Jisoo has no plans to change her hair color, content with how it looks currently