Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shares a brief moment in her new music video for ‘Marry Me’

Jennifer Lopez recently released a music video for the ballad version of the song ‘Marry Me’.

She has written the song for her film of the same name which was released in February.

The music video includes several glimpses of Lopez’s day-to-day life including with her beau , Ben Affleck.

There were clips of Jennifer Lopez in her home playing piano and laying in bed. Fans were stunned with the appearance of Affleck at the end of the video .

Even though his appearance is hardly noticeable as his face is not clearly visible in the video, one can clearly witnessed their love. There were clips of them cuddling in bed, holding hands and hugging each other.

After the couple splits up in 2004, they both have eventually moved on and married someone else, had children until last year the couple got together after almost 20 years.

It is not the first time Affleck has appeared on J.Lo’s music video, back in 2002 when they were together he was seen in the music video of “Jenny From The Block”. Jennifer also brought Affleck as a date in L. A when her film ‘Marry Me’ was released.

ennifer also brought Affleck as a date in L.A. when her film ‘Marry Me’ was released where they posed together for the red carpet.