In a brand-new "Actors on Actors" interview with Viola Davis for Variety, which was published on Wednesday, December 7, Jennifer Lawrence shared some of her concerns.

When spending time with her 9-month-old son Cy, Jennifer, who gave birth to her first kid in February, admitted that she frequently questions herself.

“Every day of being a mom, I feel awful. I feel guilty,” she said.

Jennifer also shared some of the queries she has as she develops a bond with her son.

“Is this what he wants to be doing? Should we be outside? We’re outside. What if he’s going to get sick? Should we be inside? Is this enough? Is this developing your brain enough?” she added.

The actor gave a more particular example of a time when she thought her son wasn't making the sounds she'd expected him to.

“I worried that my son was starting to say ‘Kuh’ instead of ‘Duh-duh.’ I thought that’s the back of the throat. That’s not the front. That’s not the front of the mouth,” she quipped.

“Who do I call that’s going to calm me down and not go hmm?”

Viola reassured Jennifer that having extreme worry for your children is a very common aspect of being a mother and recounted her own experience of having extreme worry for her daughter Genesis and acting out in a Target parking lot.

“I locked my kid in the car for about three minutes,” she began in a different clip.