Before giving birth to her son, Jennifer Lawrence experienced two miscarriages, as she told Vogue in a recent cover story.  

The Oscar winner claimed that before she could have her scheduled abortion, she became pregnant in her early 20s and “had a miscarriage alone in Montreal.” 

While Adam McKay’s Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up” was being filmed, Lawrence became pregnant once again and miscarried twice.  

When describing her rage at the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Lawrence mentioned the miscarriages. 

Because of medical treatment, Lawrence was able to become pregnant, and she voiced fury that young girls in America now have few alternatives. 

I remember thinking about it a million times while I was pregnant, said Lawrence. And my pregnancy was wonderful. 

My pregnancy was fortunate. But every moment of my life was unique. Additionally, I would periodically think to myself, “What if I was forced to do this?” 

After delivering birth, the actor had been attempting to mend the family’s differences, but things became more problematic when the Supreme Court verdict became public.  

I’ve worked very hard over the past five years to try to comprehend the changes and forgive my dad and my family.  

All performers, according to Lawrence, are frequently overpaid, but it doesn’t make the salary discrepancy any less aggravating.