In vitro fertilization or IVF, was a procedure that Hollywood actor Jennifer Aniston tried in her late 30s and 40s.  

The Friends actress admitted to having difficulty trying to have children in an interview with Allure. 

Jennifer Aniston posed on her sexiest magazine cover ever, showing off her toned abs while wearing a tiny bra that barely covered her chest. 

The Friends icon, 53, donned a variety of tiny clothes for the December 2022 issue of Allure magazine, but the front cover was where the show-stopper was on full display. 

In the photograph, Rachel Greene was seen sporting a matching set of bikini bottoms.

Jen tugged at the bottoms, but she covered them with a pair of black pants to avoid going crazy with the sex appeal.  

She had straightened her trademark honey-blonde hair, which flowed around her face, down her chest, and curled into her toned tummy.  

The ever-popular actress was dressed to the nines, with thick coats of mascara framing her fluttery lashes and stunning blue-green eyes.  

Jennifer continued to have fun by posing in another little bralette top for another magazine interior photo. 

She appeared in an all-white ensemble, exposing her abs once more as she wore low-rise pants adorned with enormous diamond lettering that read “DIOR.”