Jennie from BLACKPINK ignites rumours of a solo comeback with her most recent social media post. 

With her most recent Instagram post, which featured a picture that fans mistook for a song, Jennie piqued fans' interest and sparked speculation about a potential JNK1 reunion. 

Jennie from BLACKPINK has always kept up an attractive Instagram feed, posting pictures from her everyday activities, schedules, and concerts. 

She shocked her followers with a series of images in her most recent post, starting with a cute selfie appropriate for the day of love celebration that had a heart motif.  

Jennie made the decision to change things up on February 14 in honour of Valentine's Day.  

She posted several haphazard pictures of herself with her cute dog, soft toys, pilates, kittens, and the moon. Even though they weren't connected, people nonetheless appreciated seeing glimpses of Jennie's life.  

Fans were particularly drawn to a picture that seemed to be connected to a song or piece of music, though.  

She shocked everyone by sharing a photograph of the song, which made BLINKs laugh because they were all expecting a video or audio clip to go along with the image. 

. But when fans were teasing it, it turned out to be a screenshot. This gave rise to speculation that Jennie would make a solo return with JNK1. 

One additional image among these also attracted everyone's attention. Jennie is shown in this picture with a peculiar face mask covering some of her facial features.