James Gunn expresses gratitude to fans for their emotional support on social media for the DC Universe’s future. 

Since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger was completed earlier this year, the studio has been restructuring several elements of the business.

The newly established DC Studios will take over from the DC Films division to fully capitalize on the DC brand.  

Gunn and Peter Safran will serve as the DC Studios’ new leaders. Under their direction, Safran will handle the business sides of TV, film, and animation.

Despite the fact that the two CEOs have only been in their jobs since November 1, Gunn and Safran are already hard at work on the DCU’s 10-year plan. 

Gunn has been teasing the DCU’s future on social media for the past several weeks in an effort to get fans more excited about what DC Studios has in store.  

A recent comment from one of Gunn’s fervent followers emphasized the significant social media traction that the filmmaker’s posts have amassed over time.  

The co-head of DC Studios couldn’t be more appreciative of all the help, and he and Safran are “eager to be shepherding” the series into a new era. 

It may be some time before the audience learns more specifics about what this implies for the future of the series since Gunn and Safran have only recently begun to plot the DCU’s future across various media. 

First, having two direct leaders in charge will help provide the groundwork for them to oversee DC’s presence in TV, cinema, and animation.