Jackie Chan has finally revealed his role in Rush Hour 4 after a protracted period of no updates. 

The actor, who is working on a sequel with Chris Tucker, revealed that he has started negotiations for a role in the movie. 

About the forthcoming sequel, nothing else is currently known. Recently, Jackie Chan attended the Red Sea International Film Festival.

The significant event is taking place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and it began on December 1 and will last until December 10. 

He gave fans exciting new information about the Rush Hour movies during his appearance at the festival. 

The fourth Rush Hour installment, he revealed, is currently being discussed. 

He also revealed during the festival that he would be making “less action stories, more love stories” in the future. 

The actor discussed his several failed attempts to go to Hollywood and the reasons behind his decision to stop acting in Hollywood productions.  

The film centers around a Hong Kong detective who is assigned to work on an international crime case with an outspoken LAPD cop.  

The two men end up forming a close bond despite being so drastically different from one another and driving each other crazy along the way.