The School for Good and Evil, the newest fantasy film from Netflix, is based on a popular young adult novel series by Soman Chainani. 

On October 19, 2022, Netflix aired the drama. However, due to its shoddy storytelling and weak plot, several critics gave it poor ratings. 

They did, however, commend its cast. The movie left us with some severe cliffhangers. Will Netflix release The School for Good and Evil 2? 

Netflix has not yet officially announced The School for Good and Evil 2. 

The series’ first book, “The School for Good and Evil,” has six total volumes. 

In the subsequent book of the series, “A World Without Princes,” Agatha and Sophie are once more whisked away by a school program.  

There is no indication as of now regarding whether Netflix will continue the franchise to produce the next installment in the book series. 

The official A World Without Prince synopsis may be found below. 

The gates of the School for Good and Evil reopen when Agatha secretly wishes she had selected a different happy ending with Prince Tedros.  

The schoolgirls are threatened by an evil power towards the movie’s conclusion, and they must figure out how to defeat it, which leaves room for a sequel.