This weekend, Avatar: The Way of Water finally opens in theatres all across the world after years of anticipation, whispers, and hype.

The original Avatar increased its absurd box office haul when it was re-released in theatres earlier this year, despite the fact that some naysayers still maintain that the movie somehow failed to have any cultural impact.

Since the first teaser trailer was released earlier this year only in theatres showcasing Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, the anticipation has only grown.

While James Cameron's Avatar fans may have had to wait a while to see what he had been working on all these years, Pandora will most likely be visited by Cameron again soon.

With a scheduled release date of December 20, 2024, much of the filming for Avatar 3 has already been wrapped up.

Cameron has also teased that Avatar 4, scheduled for release in 2025, "goes crazy" and impressed executives who heard the proposal during the press cycle for The Way of Water.

The premise for Avatar 5, which would apparently follow Neytiri (Zoe Saldaa) on a voyage to Earth, has even been hinted to by producer Jon Landau.

The fans of Avatar are probably interested in knowing if The Way of Water features a post-credit sequence that teases future episodes, especially since Cameron has discussed plans for Avatar 6 and Avatar 7.

However, given that the movie lasts for 192 minutes, you might want to take a break to use the restroom, especially if you downed a Coke Zero during your trip to Pandora.

Cameron said that moviegoers are free to leave the theatre "anytime they want" and that they "may see the part they missed when they come see it again," so getting up in the middle of the movie won't even bother him.