The Crown’s fifth season earned favourable reviews from critics.  

The fact that viewers will be treated to another season the following year is therefore not shocking.  

The popular series has frequently blurred the line between reality and fiction throughout its run, frequently exercising more than a little creative licence. 

It makes reasonable that the streamer would emphasise the fictional aspect of the drama now that the series has entered the 1990s in order to please both the public and the subjects themselves. 

A turning point for the characters in The Crown occurs in the fifth season.  

The series explores in further detail what drove Charles and Diana’s relationship to break down into mutual hostility.

Although she is frequently ignored, the Queen’s son Charles longs to escape her shadow, and their conflict is one of this season’s other main storylines. 

The anticipated series’ Season 6 premiere date has not yet been announced. 

However, given that the series is currently in production and is anticipated to be published by Netflix in 2023, we can only speculate on when The Crown Season 6 might be aired. 

Netflix included a disclaimer stating that the programme is a “fictional dramatisation” in response to the growing pressure on the streamer for the more fictional elements of the series.