The fourth season of the Netflix series has been ordered, but Variety reports that it will also be the last.

In a tweet, Mindy Kaling said, "We can't wait to disclose all of the sizzling romance and hilarious adventures we have in store for you.

Netflix released Season 1 in April 2020. In July 2021, Season 2 began. 

In August 2022, Season 3 began. Will season 4 air in the fall of 2023? 

 It's likely that we'll get it the next year, but the exact month will probably depend on what else Netflix releases the following year.

 (I've heard that a show called Stranger Things is also coming to an end; this may require some time and attention.)

Season 4 was being worked on in the writer's room in April 2022, according to Mindy Kaling's Twitter account.

During Devi and her friends' second year of high school, Never Have I Ever was terminated.

They are juniors by season 3 while Paxton, the man Devi is dating at the start of the season, is a senior. The time is running out! Follow this link to learn more about where we left off in season 3:

Victor from Love, Victor, played by Michael Cimino, has joined the show's final season in a recurring role. 

He will portray a sk8r boi named Ethan, claims The Hollywood Reporter.

Everything else is up in the air until Netflix releases more information, including whether or not the final season will feature another guest narrator (it feels likely!).