Internet users are thrilled by Tzuyu of TWICE's interaction with Kelly Clarkson 

TWICE recently appeared on the “Kelly Clarkson Show,” and a video clip of Tzuyu interacting with Kelly Clarkson has become popular online 

During the show, Kelly Clarkson asked each member about their favorite aspects of being in the US, such as the food, scenery, and seeing their fans known as ONCES 

When Kelly asked Tzuyu the same question, she sought help from the translator to ensure she pronounced Tzuyu’s name correctly 

Afterward, Kelly asked Tzuyu how she preferred her name to be pronounced, and Tzuyu clarified that it should be pronounced as ‘Choo-ee' 

Kelly had an endearing reaction to Tzuyu’s response, which has since gained popularity on social media 

TWICE also performed their hit song ‘Moonlight Sunrise,' and Tzuyu 

Kelly also asked Jihyo about how they formed, and Jihyo explained that they came together through an audition program called ‘Sixteen.’ 

Kelly asked the group about their favorite activities and destinations in the US 

Jeongyeon spoke of her passion for the American countryside, and Kelly praised her for her “low and sexy voice,” saying she loved it