Inside Job, an adult animated comedy on Netflix, has been cancelled, adding to the list of shows that are being axed.  

Shion Takeuchi, the co-creator and writer of the series, published the information on social media after confirming it. 

According to her statement, the show had previously been renewed for Season 2, but Netflix is no longer pursuing it.  

The demise of Inside Job comes shortly after several other Netflix shows have been cancelled in recent months.  

Most recently, despite being one of the most watched English series, the streamer decided to stop 1899 after one season.  

After their debut seasons, Blockbuster, The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself, The Midnight Club, The Imperfects, and Partner Track were also cancelled in November and December.  

Fate: Before being cancelled, the second seasons of both The Winx Saga and Warrior Nun were released. 

The animated office comedy Inside Job is set at Cognito, Inc., a covert government agency tasked with inventing every kind of conspiracy you can imagine.  

Reagan terminates their relationship because she thinks Ron will be happier without her, as Part 2 came to a close.  

Finally, she and the group put an end to the Mandela effects and parallel timelines’ spiralling catastrophe.