The highly awaited Indiana Jones 5 first trailer is on its way, according to director James Mangold

Following last week’s reports that an Indiana Jones television adaptation may soon be coming to small screens via Disney+ 

The director has confirmed we will be seeing more of Indy soon. 

The eagerly awaited film won’t hit theatres until next summer, but it looks like fans will get their first proper look at it within the next month. 

Following his final appearance in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Harrison Ford’s dashing archaeologist will make a comeback in Indiana Jones 5.  

Director James Mangold suggests that something for Indiana Jones 5 will be revealed in less than a month in response to a fan 

Only a few days have passed since Mangold’s debunking of rumours of an Indiana Jones 5 test screening.  

The film’s release date and the fact that it is in the post-production phase make it reasonable to believe that the piece of promotional content will be a trailer.

The plot of the upcoming film Indiana Jones 5 is currently unknown because no official synopsis has been given.  

However, some suggestions about what might be in store for Ford’s legendary hero have been revealed by set images.