Rowan Atkinson is back in a Netflix series in which the legendary comedy actor will face his most difficult challenge ever... a bee.

In a new trailer for Man Vs Bee, Atkinson shines in his customary realm of physical comedy as he battles the stinging pest while it completely wrecks his life.

The production, which premiered on June 24, was co-created by Atkinson and William Davies (How to Train Your Dragon, Puss in Boots), with writer and director David Kerr (No Offense).

Davies is also listed as a producer on Clark and Atkinson's HouseSitter label, alongside Chris Clark.

With Atkinson's Trevor standing before a judge in a courtroom while his charges are read, the trailer for Man Vs Bee sets the tone for the series.

While the judge adds claim after claim, Atkinson plays the part he was born to play, his face etched with all the emotion in the world.

We're then brought back to the beginning of the story, when Trevor landed a job as a housekeeper at a large home.

His family is blown away by his new work, as it looks that the accident-prone man hasn't been able to cling onto anything for very long.

The slapstick begins when our honey-seeking enemy enters, with Trevor going out of his way to exterminate the beetle.

Trevor's war with the bee continues as he enjoys his temporary home, leaving us to wonder if the house will still be standing by the end of the series.