After 63 days, Veer Mahaan competed in his first bout on WWE Raw, where he easily defeated his opponent. 

Local Superstar against Veer Mahan Shortly after the local hero began to play mind tricks, Mahan put on an amazing display of power. 

He finally had a chance to fight, and he used his submission cervical grasp to compel the local star to submit by forcing him to tap out. 

Veer Mahaan’s WWE fans in India have been waiting for a long time, and their wish was finally fulfilled this week. 

63 days after his first match, Veer Mahan made his combat debut on Raw this week.  

Despite not coming across any formidable opponents, he severely thrashed the local wrestler. 

Veer Mahan’s appearance on the broadcast provided supporters a reason to celebrate even if WWE hadn’t previously revealed that he would be the opponent this week on Raw. 

He faced Bex Calor in the match. When Keller attempts to dropkick, Mahan throws him outside the ring. 

Veer Mahan recently competed in a singles bout on WWE Raw for the first time in a very long time. 

In an earlier program on June 13, Veer Mahan faced Rey Mysterio in his final singles match. Only Veer Mahan triumphed in this encounter.