Netflix’s I Am a Stalker, a recent docuseries, illustrates the lengths people will go to be with someone, even if that means going overboard and spending a lot of time in jail.  

Not your typical drama, “I Am a Stalker” is a hugely successful documentary series on Netflix

They are speaking with vicious stalkers. These vile criminals describe their lives to us. 

In the documentary I Am a Stalker, a number of prisoners discuss their criminal histories as well as the succession of circumstances that ultimately convinced them to stalk their victims. 

The Netflix real crime docuseries differ from others in that the majority of the story is delivered through interviews with the convicted stalkers themselves 

Daniel Thompson’s story opens the first episode. He received a PDD, or pervasive developmental disorder, diagnosis when he was 12 years old.  

In 2008, after a series of the similar incidents, he was charged with stalking.  

His partners are present to provide their perspective in addition to his own, which he uses to convey his story. 

The eight episodes of I Am A Stalker last between 43 and 45 minutes apiece.  

The show has a lot of positive aspects, such as how it respects an individual’s desire to keep their identity private.