A brand-new Hunters Season 2 teaser trailer gives viewers a closer look at Adolf Hitler, the show’s ultimate nemesis, as well as the launch date for the second to last season.  

The release date for Hunters’ last season, January 13, 2023, was announced in a brand-new trailer for season 2 on Prime Video

The Hunters teaser also emphasises the season’s central theme and gives fans a closer look at an Adolf Hitler.

In the alternate history drama Hunters, a group of Nazi hunters in 1977 New York City learn of numerous Nazi officers.

The series has drawn praise from critics for its acting and action, but criticism for its plot, tone, and pacing. 

The Hunters season 2 teaser trailer suggests that the show’s last season will be just as thrilling as its first. 

The last season’s level of closure for the world created by the project’s founder and showrunner David Weil is also made clear in the teaser.  

The last season of Hunters promises to pull out all the stops and provide an exciting conclusion.

Jennifer Jason Leigh will play Chava Apfelbaum in Hunters season 2 and also join the cast.  

The character of Chava is described as a famed Nazi hunter who was last seen in the show’s season premiere.