Bling Empire has returned! It’s been well over a year since the first season launched in January 2021, but the cast is returning to Netflix on May 13.

Everyone who saw the first season of Bling Empire knows, the drama has a wide range, from the ludicrous to the surprisingly tense.

Even with the many levels of drama, the show is really easy to watch—after all, it’s largely fancy/filthy affluent people drinking and squabbling.

So, if you devoured season 2 in a 12-hour period, you may be wondering if Bling Empire will return for a third season.

After all, many such reality series have aired season after season after season (looking at you, Selling Sunset).

Here’s all we know thus far regarding a probable third season of Bling Empire.

The prospect of the show going beyond season 2 has been discussed by a few persons working with it.

“I’d love to see more artists and creators,” she continued, “whether they’re entrepreneurs, storytellers, dancers, or musicians, or just people who are displaying additional talent.”

Furthermore, executive producer Jeff Jenkins told Oprah Daily that if given the chance, the show may run for years.

Season 3 might likely premiere in September 2023 if the timeline remains the same.

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