Characters in The Addams Family have always been enigmatically affluent, but a subtle remark from Xavier sheds light on how Wednesday's family first came to be so wealthy.

The series demonstrates unequivocally that the Addams family is still a very rich aristocratic group despite just showing one brief shot of their home in Wednesday.

Morticia and Gomez are indicated to be extremely wealthy in Tim Burton's Addams Family series, with references to residing in a mansion and enrolling Wednesday in the exclusive Nevermore Academy for outcasts.

Wednesday is no exception to the rule that Gomez received a sizable inheritance from his family as the true source of the Addamses' fortune.

The Addamses are known for their weirdness, but a scene between Xavier Thorpe and Wednesday Addams suggests a new explanation for the family's acquisition of money.

Wednesday’s Grandmother Spent Her Youth Swindling The Rich The first season of Wednesday suggests that Gomez or Morticia's mother was responsible for the Addamses' most recent increase in riches.

Xavier Thorpe admits that his godmother was good friends with Wednesday's grandma, however he doesn't say which side of the family in his explanation of how he and Wednesday first met.

Wednesday's grandmother and Xavier's godmother allegedly conned the "rich and notorious" around Europe in their twenties, which explains why the Addams family is so wealthy.

The revelation that the Addamses became wealthy by using young women as con artists not only makes sense for the characters but also justifies her grandmother's entrance in Wednesday season 2.