Jennifer Walters Has Full Control Over She-Hulk's Transformation

She-Hulk Does Not Have A Hulk Alter Ego

She-Hulk's DNA Is Better Than Hulk'

How Strong She-Hulk Is Compared To MCU's Hulk

According to what the MCU portrays, She-Hulk is almost just as powerful as Hulk. Due to the significant contrasts described above, Jennifer is a quick learner and has an advantage over Bruce in terms of being able to control her powers and comprehend their limitations.

In the first episode of She-Hulk, She-Hulk engages Smart Hulk in combat. She-Hulk has already mastered several of the Hulk's moves, such as the ground pound and thunderclap, despite the fact that both of them were to some extent holding back.

She-Hulk Can Break The Fourth Wall

Jennifer Walters' propensity for breaking the fourth wall is yet another significant distinction between She-Hulk and the MCU's Hulk.

The Deadpool-style reality breaks are unique to Jennifer in She-Hulk, as Hulk even catches her talking to the audience at one point and becomes visibly confused.

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