Not necessarily for the sad Ruth Langmore character on Netflix’s Ozark, but rather for Julia Garner, who won her third Supporting Actress – Drama Series Emmy for playing her. 

Ruth died in the Ozark season four finale when Camila Navarro, the new cartel chief, shot and murdered her. 

Garner said backstage at the Emmys, “It was very bizarre when I started filming it.  

I spend a lot of time in meditation as part of my training, so I suppose that’s why I didn’t envision Ruth becoming old and having a very long life. 

“That seemed odd to me. I was awakened from my meditation. Our show’s creator, Chris Mundy, then said, “I need to talk to you.”  

“Am I going to die?” I asked. He then responds, “Yeah, you are.” Who told you, he questioned. I declared that I was in meditation. 

Garner explains that when asked about the role’s resonance with her, “What Ruth provided me was more deeply a feeling of confidence. 

She taught me so much about myself. She is a person in my eyes. She not only altered my work but also my personal life. 

When asked whose accent she preferred—Ruth or con artist Anna Delvey from Inventing Anna—Garner responded, “Well, there’s so different.  

Anna is an extremely fierce person. She chuckled with a German accent, “Whatever.