How I Met Your Mother Star Josh Radnor Shares He Met Wife Dr. Jordana Jacobs While Tripping on Mushrooms

The first meeting between Josh Radnor and his wife, Dr. Jordana Jacobs, was anything but typical.

According to the 49-year-old star of How I Met Your Mother, he met Jacobs, 36, in February 2022 while visiting a three-day sound meditation retreat in upstate New York. 

The roughly thirty people in the group took a psychedelic mushroom concoction, lay on the floor with eye masks on, and listened to singing bowls and chimes as part of the meditation.

Radnor recalled to the outlet that a voice in his head prompted him, "That's her. That's your woman."

She received a prompt and unexpected response: "Josh, you know that guy over there across the room? 

The two had just had a quick introduction the day before while the retreat was getting underway. In an effort to put their previous breakups behind them and move on, both had made the decision to go to the event.