Mily Alcock was her breakout star in HBO’s new hit, House of the Dragon. 

She’s even managed to attract the attention of veteran artists like Matt Smith and Rhys Ifans 

House of the Dragons is a spin-off of Game of Thrones, and both shows are based on different works by author George R.R. Martin and are set in the same fictional world. 

The show focuses on the fictional Targaryen civil war, Dance of the Dragons, and features Myris Raenira as one of the main characters. 

The actor was only meant to be a part of the show, playing teenage Rhaenyra. increase. 

However, given her popularity, her fans have started petitioning to keep her in. In her new interview with Nylons, Millie said: It  makes me incredibly nervous. 

It’s hard to look at your own face all the time. No one needs to do that. It sucks man.  

I don’t know how the world’s celebrities can do that. It’s like kicking me off the wall. It’s an incredibly difficult space to navigate. ”  

The actress added that she has a particularly hard time staying in the spotlight because no one in her circle  has dealt with the same thing.  

The show  captured the imagination of fans and achieved record ratings. The second season was greenlit just days after the first episode aired.