Paddy Considine, the original star of House of the Dragon, has been thinking back on his final moments on the show after watching a recording of his final scene in which he played "the greatest character I've ever played."

Because of an infection brought on by a wound that wouldn't heal, Viserys, who many people regard as the show's protagonist and a good man in an almost impossible situation, was seen to be deteriorating throughout much of the series.

While spectators saw this one coming, unlike the bulk of deaths from its predecessor, Game of Thrones, it didn't make it any easier.

The actor revealed on The Adam Buxton Podcast that his wife and daughter were disturbed while watching the scene, and that his wife urged him to just watch the completion of the play. Considine himself and his personal family were included in that number.

The first season of the immensely popular HBO fantasy epic series came to a close earlier this year, and work is already underway on the second.

Nearly 10 million people watched the first season's debut, shattering HBO's records for the number of viewers.

A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin's novel Fire & Blood, which relates the tale of the famed and infamous Targaryen dynasty.

The civil war that brought down their once-famous house, served as the inspiration for the House of the Dragon television series. 

HBO Max now offers streaming access to the first season of House of the Dragon as well as all eight seasons of Game of Thrones.