The House of the Dragon episode 4 trailer teases the rising conflict between King Viserys Targaryen and his brother Daemon. 

The prequel-spinoff to HBO's acclaimed Game of Thrones has already received critical acclaim, with consistently high ratings and positive reviews prompting the network to quickly greenlight season 2.

House of the Dragon, set two centuries before Game of Thrones, follows the beginning of the end of Targaryen rule over the Seven Kingdoms, culminating in a war of succession known as the Dance of the Dragons.

In Episode 3, Viserys' son, Aegon, was introduced, who many expect to be named heir to the throne over Princess Rhaenyra, causing tension between the king and his daughter.

The House of the Dragon's main conflict, however, is Daemon Targaryen, who is gaining power and allies and may challenge his brother for the Iron Throne.

The Game of Thrones YouTube channel shared a trailer showing Daeman returning to King's Landing after being named King of the Narrow Sea, presumably for his victory over the Crabfeeder in the previous episode.

The episode 4 trailer also shows increased tension between Viserys and Rhaenyra, presumably due to the king's continued preference for Aegon. The teaser concludes with a dragon attacking a ship, implying an increase in violence between factions.

Daemon's rise to power will exacerbate the conflict over who will succeed Viserys on the throne, and his time in the series will most likely be limited.

The time jumps in House of the Dragon make it difficult to predict how much time will pass between episodes 3 and 4, but since Aegon hasn't appeared to age, it's likely it'll be only a few months, rather than the three years that passed between episodes 2 and 3.