Caraway (Grace VanderWaal) and her mother (Judy Greer), who has been employed as a costume designer for a film, have now relocated to Los Angeles.

Caraway's dream of fame and glory may be a long way off as she comes closer to Hollywood. The movie is a follow-up to Stargirl (2020).

Stargirl fans can finally see what the character has been up to since her last appearance in 2020, according to a new trailer released by Disney+.

Stargirl Caraway (played by Grace VanderWaal) goes up on stage to sing for a tiny audience in the trailer.

She tells them she's new to California and wants to try something new by singing without her ukulele, which she used to sing at her high school's football games.

The scene then cuts to Stargirl chatting to her mother (Judy Greer) about how she didn't believe they'd be moving so quickly again.

Stargirl's role will be reversed from the original 2020 picture, according to the trailer.

Stargirl arranges for Leo to sing in front of the class at the end of the film. The film will be  Released on June  3rd, 2022.