Brad Pitt is consistently in the headlines and not permanently for all the active reasons. 

The Hollywood celebrity over the years has appeared in many thriving films making all the buzz about him. 

But what has drawn the news most is of study his scandalous relationship anxiety that has only gone feral to wilder in years. 

Be it his divorces with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, or his struggle with the latest for their kids amongst various other items. 

Hangs out there is a new fantastic update.  

For the unversed, Brad and Angelina’s wedding ended on a very sour note, and the two resume fighting a lawful war over their spectacles and kids.  

Now amid all of this, some wild surprising statement has gone viral on the internet.  

And as per reports, it has arrived from one of their children, who has decided to call Pitt an a*shole. 

In another screenshot after Brad Pitt, we can catch Angelina Jolie’s photograph and there are only the right things about her. 

Now there is no guarantee that these screenshots are confirmed or just other bogus images on the Internet.