Here's what Millie Bobby Brown has to say about Taylor Swift? 

Taylor Swift is Millie Bobby Brown's obsession, as seen by their most recent exchange.  

She disclosed that she is a devoted fan of the Cruel Summer singer on Wednesday, March 6, while promoting her new Netflix movie Damsel on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

On Kelly Clarkson's talk show, Millie Bobby Brown talked about how much she loves Taylor Swift. She acknowledged that she is a "hardcore Swiftie" and that she always knows where she is.  

  Though Clarkson called her a stalker in jest, Brown assured her it wasn't unsettling.

"No, I love Taylor... I went to the Eras Tour, and it was just... it was the most amazing experience,” Brown said. “The fans there are just so... They’re the same as me; we love her that much."

In order to keep track of the songs that Swift might perform next, Brown and her sister have a tally board on which they cross out the surprise songs that the singer has so far performed on each date.

"We have like a board, me and my sister, and we like to cross out the songs that she's done so we know which songs are left," Brown explained, noting that it helps them figure out "what she's going to do next.

"So when I went to my show—II went to Ohio—I flew there solely for Taylor—and she played ‘Evermore’ and I collapsed to the ground. It was pretty crazy,” Brown said.

The 20-year-old actor has already expressed her admiration for Taylor Swift. With the lyrics to Swift's song "Lover" as the caption, Brown revealed on Instagram back in April 2023 that she was engaged to Bon Jovi's kid, Jake Bongiovi.