The trailer of Selena Gomez’s approaching documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me was released earlier of its release next month.  

The documentary tracks six long years of Selena Gomez’s life touching upon some of her most challenging points including her Lupus diagnosis and her mental health grind. 

The trailer also mocks the title song where the singer sings, My mind and me don’t get along occasionally and it gets hard to live but I wouldn’t change my vitality. 

The singer is also heard speaking about how she feels more comfortable and in command of her feelings at an event.  

The strong track also seems to indicate how it will give longing and power to those stumbling with their own mental health as the vocalist hums about others not touching alone after seeing her journey. 

The trailer of the documentary ends with the singer saying, This is the beginning for me as a gorgeous structure of the singer sparking a smile shines up the frame.  

Selena Gomez began her profession in the entertainment enterprise as a child and the singer manages early fame and everything that arrives with it in the documentary.  

While she drilled to stardom as a child on Barney and Friends, in the new trailer of her documentary, she examines how she doesn’t want to be nifty famous.  

Selena glances back and states she has been performing her whole life since she was a kid and moving forth, she enjoys using her celebrity for the exemplary and to make a distinction. 

Going via what she has while being the general eye can be extremely tough and Selena showcases in her documentary, the moment at which she determined she is going to stop living like this.