A spin-off film based on Dhanush's The Gray Man persona is in the works, according to the Russo Brothers: 'He plays one of the world's greatest assassins.'

Dhanush's second venture in Hollywood is The Gray Man. With The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir, he made his Hollywood debut in 2018.

On Monday, Netflix unveiled the trailer for its upcoming thriller The Gray Man.

Indian fans, who were eagerly anticipating a sight of Dhanush's character, may have been disappointed.

The filmmakers, the Russo brothers, have guaranteed that Dhanush's character in the film will have greater depth.

During an interactive Twitter session, Joe Russo revealed his ideas to turn The Gray Man into a cinematic world.

He stated that Dhanush's persona is so intriguing that he is considering a spin-off.

In the movie, he has two fantastic battle scenes. Dhanush is a favourite of Anthony and me. This part was written especially for him.