HBO has confirmed that Gentleman Jack will end after two seasons despite having a passionate and committed fan base.  

The Sally Wainwright series, which had only recently debuted its second season, comes to an end as a result of this.

 Deadline was the first to announce that the co-produced historical drama between HBO and the BBC will not receive a third season. 

The series’ second season had just finished airing when the news first surfaced. 

The industrialist and landowner Anne Lister, who was portrayed by Suranne Jones, was travelled by Gentleman Jack. 

With the aid of Anne’s code-written journals, which detailed her connections with women and were set in Yorkshire in the nineteenth century, this historical drama with a Yorkshire setting is pieced together. 

Because of her diaries, Anne Lister is known as the “first modern lesbian,” and in this series, Sophie Rundle plays Ann Walker, her love interest. 

The series highlighted the difficulties Anne experienced in trying to live her life according to her own rules.  

The first episode of the series, which broadcast in April 2019, demonstrated how determined Lister was to preserve her family’s reputation and business while simultaneously refusing to conform to social expectations. 

The first season examined how the charming woman handled the connections she had while navigating society.