Westworld and other HBO Max TV shows that were cancelled may likely find new homes as ad-supported streaming content on various providers.  

Westworld will no longer be airing on HBO Max, it was recently confirmed, one month after it was announced that season 5  

Since Warner Bros. and Discovery combined earlier this year, various cost-cutting choices have been taken in relation to the streaming service.

The Time Traveler’s Wife and Raised by Wolves, an HBO Max original, are two more TV shows that have been discontinued. 

Westworld and other cancelled and withdrawn HBO Max shows will reportedly find new homes on free, ad-supported streaming platforms known as “FAST” services.

Discovery has stated that it still plans to make those series available to viewers. 

The removal of Westworld from HBO Max is part of a rising trend for the streaming service, but fans can rest easy knowing that the series will still be accessible to stream elsewhere. 

Over the following few years, Warner Bros. Discovery plans to make billion-dollar cost reductions. Part of achieving that goal is the cancellation and removal of shows from HBO Max.

Warner Bros. Discovery has indicated that keeping shows like Westworld and Raised by Wolves on HBO Max would lead to financial difficulties.

However, it seems the company is aware of the popularity of some of its cancelled projects while scrapping their futures to significantly reduce the amount of money being spent.