HBO's second season Beginning on June 30, Max's The Bridge will return with all eight episodes.

The candidates of the demanding reality show's second season are dropped off in Vietnam's Ha Long Bay with no prior knowledge of the difficulties they would face. Except that only one of them will be able to take home the huge monetary prize that is up for grabs.

The two teams of strangers have only a few days to develop and build a bridge that will span about 1,000 feet between them in order to reach the reward.

The contestants in The Bridge must endure a "adrenaline-packed, demanding experience" that is the final test of their "physical and mental endurance."

The reality show is a co-production by Workerbee, a Banijay subsidiary, and HBO Max for Channel 4 in the UK. Based on the well-known Spanish television series El Puente

The most current Channel 4 challenge reality show, The Bridge, with narration provided by James McAvoy, aired in 2020.

The first season centres on 12 strangers who have 20 days to construct a bridge over a lake in the picturesque countryside of Britain. The island is 250 metres away.

The first season's format is carried over into the second season, but there are a few changes. The reality show will be more intense in season two thanks to the change of scenery, 

In addition, unlike the first season, the participants have just 12 days to get to the money stored atop the so-called Fortune Rock.