The new music video for Harry Styles' song Late Night Talking from his album Harry's House was just released.

In the music video, the vocalist goes on bed-hopping excursions while having a good time on mattresses while donning polka-dotted nightwear, giving the foot-tapping song a lively, slumber party vibe.

Harry hops from one bed to another in the entertaining music video, which was directed by Bradley and Pablo and was shot in a variety of settings, including an art gallery, a café, and the streets of London.

The singer is shown enjoying pillow fights with different models while resting in bed.

"We've been doing all this late night talking/ 'Bout anything you want until the morning/ Now you're in my life/ I can't get you off my mind," Harry sings about his romantic advances.

This is Harry House's second music video. His first, As It Was, featured him dancing on a turntable while wearing a red jumpsuit.

With each performance, the singer, who has been preoccupied with the Love on Tour, manages to enthral his audience with his antics.

Styles has been delivering sold-out gigs all around the world, engaging the crowd and dancing on stage.

Apart from the singer's new album, he also has two major acting projects lined up.

The trailers of his upcoming films, Don't Worry Darling and My Policeman have been released.