Prior to its San Diego Comic-Con panel, WB Animation unveiled the teaser for the third season of Harley Quinn

In the one and a half-minute short, Harley wishes Poison Ivy, her former best friend turned GFF, a “happy two-week anniversary” and gives Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller a gift in a corpse bag.  

The trailer for the third season of the show claims that it will be unquestionably creepier. 

James Gunn, who directed The Suicide Squad, makes his animation debut in the role of himself.

A white-haired, square-framed avatar of Gunn appears about a minute into the video.  

He is sitting in a vibrating chair and appears to be holding the script for his fictional Thomas Wayne film. 

Despite being intriguing, Gunn’s inclusion is not a surprise because Patrick Schumacker, who co-created Harley Quinn, already made known to SlashFilms that Gunn will be joining the Season 3 ensemble. 

As an enormous fan of the show, it’s an incredible honor! Thanks to the #HarleyQuinn gang for the fun (PS my Thomas Wayne biopic is going to be a MASTERPIECE!)” 

In the second season of the animated series, Harley and Ivy started to fall in love with one another. 

At the forthcoming San Diego Comic-Con, two early episodes of Harley Quinn will be shown. However, the three-episode first season of the show airs on HBO Max on July 28.