Since they initially worked together on the South Korean group's song "IDOL," which served as the first single for their second compilation album, "Love Yourself: Answer," BTS and Halsey have been best friends. 

 Following this, other exchanges between the American singer-songwriter and the septet went viral and helped the fans of the two groups grow to love one another.

Halsey recently had the opportunity to discuss her friendship with the BTS members during an interview on a podcast, and she was as endearing as ever.

They take great pride in their work and are like real creatives.

They put in a lot of effort, are very professional but also very fun, kind, kind, and authentic. 

They don't take themselves too seriously, and that enthusiasm is contagious. They are also highly courteous, responsible, committed, and determined.

She continued by describing how she has deep and sincere friendships with all seven of them because of their diversity of interests, which enables her to discuss a variety of topics with each of them.

She seems to interact with each of them differently, which has helped her avoid feeling lonely in the business.

The two international acts have shared the stage several times, including award events and one of BTS's performances. 

They are now closer friends and even bigger fans of one another as a result of this.

Since then, both groups have collaborated more often, but this particular one has emerged as one of the most famous, fostering a friendly, supportive relationship between them. Halsey has also expressed gratitude for the group's supporters and their efforts.