The H40 trilogy, which started in 2018, ended with Halloween Ends, but regrettably, it left the main issue regarding Michael Myers unanswered. 

Michael Myers has evaded death several times in the canonical Halloween movies, even in circumstances when he ought to have perished.  

Audiences would have anticipated that a crucial question—whether Michael Myers is an immortal or a supernatural creature—would be addressed in Ends, the franchise’s final movie for the time being. 

Michael Myers’ immortality or otherworldly abilities in the Halloween movies were only partially clarified.  

Although the Halloween Ends conclusion does address whether evil indeed perishes, there is no clear justification for why Myers is such a strong individual. 

The Haddonfield murderer in the recent movie Halloween Kills was attacked by a local mob who shot, battered, and stabbed him repeatedly. 

Even while it seemed like the killer was finally caught, this wasn’t the case, and he was able to kill his assailants and flee once more. 

The H40 trilogy’s final two movies show that he is more than just a man, but Ends falls short of explaining how Michael Myers was able to live for so long. 

After starting his murderous rampage in John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween, Michael Myers eventually perished in Halloween Ends. 

The franchise’s final film, Halloween Ends, may be the case for the time being, but a novel method to continue it would be to locate the murderer in a different location.