Hailey Bieber, a supermodel, never rests when it comes to her appearance. The 26-year-old Tiffany & Co. model was spotted leaving the house on December 12 for lunch in West Hollywood with her friends Lori Harvey and Justine Skye. 

In photographs, Justin Bieber's wife wore a huge, fluffy zip-up sweatshirt in shades of blue and orange sunset worn with a barely there pair of black motorcycle shorts.

She additionally sported a stylish pair of brown sunglasses, a green ball cap, and what appeared to be orange and white New Balance sneakers. 

Her manicure, which was a distinctive feature of Hailey Bieber's aesthetic, was blood crimson.d crampy and emotional,” she added.  

She completed the appearance with a traditional taupe handbag, earrings, a natural cosmetics palette, and long, straight brunette hair. 

For the mid-day outing, Lori and Justine matched Hailey's athletic aesthetic by donning all-black outfits.

The group could be seen conversing and eating their lunch al fresco in the crisp but warm California sunshine.

Paris Hilton

Hailey looks lovely even after working out, which is no surprise. The attractive model acknowledged earlier this year that the late Princess Diana serves as her inspiration.

“I was really inspired by the fact that she was the most-looked-at woman in the world at that time, of all time, and she did what she wanted with her style,” Hailey told Harper’s Bazaar in August.  

Hailey stated, "On Thursday morning, I was sitting at breakfast with my husband when I started having stroke-like symptoms and was transported to the hospital," in a March Instagram Story post.

Paris Hilton