When the first teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 briefly showed the character hugging Rocket Raccoon.

There was a lot of speculation about whether Lady Gaga would appear in the movie.  

James Gunn has now confirmed whether or not the musician will be a part of the franchise. 

The director quickly refuted the claim that Lylla has a name that “starts with Ga and ends with Ga” in response to a question about the teaser on Instagram, writing, “It does not.” 

Fans then made an attempt to clarify it by pointing out that since Lady Gaga might still be given credit for the project under her true name, Stefani Germanotta.

The newest rumours around Guardians 3 suggest that Bradley and Gaga may work together again after A Star Is Born (2018).  

In the comic books, Lylla is a sentient otter. James also disclosed that he intended to focus on Rocket’s story in the upcoming movie. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 wrapped filming last month, and while plot details are being kept under wraps, fans are gradually getting more information as it becomes available. 

The plot of the movie is kept a secret so far from everyone but James Gunn has said that the Vol 3 will be emotional and not everyone will survive.  

The director is cautious about giving away too many spoilers for the future film.