The long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy will see Jesse Williams return in a dramatic way. 

The fifth episode of the show’s 19th season will include him again as director and guest star. 

Jesse L. Williams, a popular Grey’s Anatomy actor, is coming back for season 19. 

In the episode titled “When I Get to the Border,” which will air on November 3, the actor is scheduled to return as Jackson Avery

Williams has played Jackson since 2009, and over the course of 12 seasons, viewers have watched him grow from an inexperienced intern to a successful plastic surgeon, and eventually to a devoted father.  

Prior to the beginning of the eighteenth season, in the spring of 2021, Williams left Grey’s Anatomy.  

The popular ABC medical drama has been airing for 17 years and chronicles the day-to-day activities of the attending physicians, interns, and surgical residents employed at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. 

Williams hinted to his return in a recent interview with E! News, saying, “Don’t want to get sniped in here, but I think it’s very likely that there will be a way that Jackson will emerge one way or another. 

It reminded me of when I came in a crop of four residents that had to learn the ropes.  

They were kind of fumbling and figuring it out, bother as actors and as characters, figuring out their role in this big, intimidating space.