Georgina Sparks’ reappearance is hinted in a new Gossip Girl season 2 trailer.  

The Gossip Girl reboot, a continuation and stand-alone sequel to the hugely popular CW series of the same name, debuted on HBO Max in July 2021.

Although the revival follows the same timeline as the original series, it mostly focuses on a new group of affluent Manhattan private school students.

Before the start of season 1, part 2, HBO Max had declared that the Gossip Girl revival has been renewed for a second season. 

Showrunner Joshua Safran made it known during the show’s first season that none of the primary characters from the original series will feature in the relaunch. 

Although they were explicitly mentioned, characters like Blair, Serena, and Dan never appeared on the show. 

Veteran characters from the original Gossip Girl made some major cameos in the remake, including Dorota, Cyrus, Eleanor, and Vanya. 

A shaky video of a brunette woman cheering at whatever is on stage was posted on Wednesday via the show’s social media sites. 

Georgina is the one who stirs the Upper East Side pot outside of Blair Waldorf.  

Michelle, who portrayed the troubled socialite from 2007 to 2012, may make a cameo, according to showrunner Joshua Safran.